CG- Bridge by CrystalGuide - the smart solution for all on x cases

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CrystalGuide CG conometric Bridge immediate loading
the smart solution for all on x cases
The All on 4 protocol has been promoted for full arch implant restorations associated with bone reduction.
The use of common multi unit abutments is associated with clinical problems especially with tilted implants:

  • complication especially with positioning of angled multi unit abutments
  • exact orientation of angulation direction in exact implant position is not possible because of timing of implant thread

CG-Bridge protocol accomplishes a complete paradigm shift:

Exclusively for CrystalGuide:
Monolithic conometric bridge immediate loading
Dr. Michael Gross developed in cooperation with TRATE a validated process for high precision full guided surgery and immediate loading of CG-Bridges.
Superior stability by use of G-CAM (with graphene), approved as high strength final restorative material

  • perfectly parallel implant placement by precise guiding protocol
  • zero bone loss concept: bone is not sacrificed for prosthetic concept: FP1 FP2 and FP3 possible
  • provisional bridge designed with passive fit library for perfect capturing of telescopic copings
  • no screw channels, no cementation, superior esthetics and easy for hygiene

smart and effective protocol for final bridge:
only scanning required:
  • upper and lower scan with bite
  • complete scan of provisional bridge and scan with scan abutments

our service:
We support you in every step of procedure:
  • 3D implant planning and guide design
  • case setup CAD design, virtual extractions and design of ovate pontics
  • CAD construction of surgical guide and CG-Bridge;
  • CAM high precision milling in of provisional bridge
  • in case of final restoration  CG-Bridge can also be milled in monolithic zirconia

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