Advantages - CG- Bridge by CrystalGuide - the smart solution for all on x cases

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The CG-Bridge difference

  • personal coaching for implementation of advanced guided surgery as practice image
  • case preparation and planning proposal is done by internationally recognized expert and pioneer in guided surgery, Dr. Michael Gross
  • we adapt individually to your needs and implement your system
  • personal coaching assisted by zoom-meetings
  • after approval CAD construction of surgical guide and CG-Bridge
  • CAM high precision milling in strong monolithic material G-CAM
This video shows a "full digital workflow"  capturing provisional cylinders in immediate restoration

This video shows the workflow with commonly known multi unit abutments, where the digital workflow is not complete due to the necessity of captunring provisional cylinders in big holes of provisional bridge which are made manually. This is still done because of inheritant inaccuracies with angled multi unit abutments. The video mentiones DIO system as the speaker has a relationship with this company.

The real revolution is the complete full digital workflow with CG-Bridge, where the provisional bridge is designed with passive fit library for perfect fitting on prefabricated conometric copings. Also the step for converting into final bridge after soft tissue healing is straight forward.
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