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Dr. Michael Gross - 3D implantology coach

Dr. Michael Gross completed his studies in 1986 at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Düsseldorf and was admitted as a dentist and received his title of Dr. med.dent.
Dr. Gross specialized in prosthetics and implantology in Germany.
Dr. Gross has practiced in Germany and Spain. Since September 2000 he was scientific consultant in the R&D department of FRIADENT GmbH, Mannheim. He lectures nationally and internationally on implant prosthetics and implantology. From 2002 he was employed by BEGO Semados GmbH as Technical Manager and was responsible for production, product management and research and development. In July 2003 he joined Oraltronics Dental Implant Technology GmbH as a scientific consultant for implantology.
He held his position as Director of the Research and Development Department, Director of Clinical Studies and Safety Manager in accordance with medical device law.
He also prepared and supervised lecture teams and scientific presentations for the international department.
Dr. Gross teaches both nationally and internationally and offers technical and practical training. He is the main lecturer for implant surface modalities and guided surgery. Currently Dr. Gross has several patents pending and published patents.

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