mentoring guided surgery - CG- Bridge by CrystalGuide - the smart solution for all on x cases

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CrystalGuide mentoring guided surgery
  • planning service by experienced implantologist Dr. Michael Gross
  • 3D implant planning and guide design, online planning review
  • CAD design of CrystalGuide surgical guide

CrystalGuide Ti metal surgical guides
  • premium titanium surgical guides with same precision like C&B
  • high biocompatability and precision milling
  • absolutely stable, free access for cooling liquid and sight
  • flap with guide is possible
  • can be sterilized in Autoclave like surgical instruments

  • Price: 140 € facilitating stl for production. In case of Ti or PMMA precision milling fabricated in our partner lab
  • Price for CG-Bridge planning and design including guide design: 600 € plus shipping plus lab fee (many more steps involved including converting to CAD design for Exocad)
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